Saturday 12 October 2013

Reminder on including stills and movies

Inserting Various Media in your Blog

Insert still images and videos into your blog to illustrate what you are talking about or just to liven things up.

Here's is a still image uploaded from my computer:

Web Authoring, Castlereagh

Unit 11. Web Authoring

Started to teach this unit at Belfast Metropolitan College, Castlereagh, Belfast. Students will find downloads at Students are asked to contribute to the site, My main website is

P.S. Note how you can edit your blog without there being a record of the time of editing. In this respect, blogs differ from Wikis. On a Wiki forum where members can contribute to a discussion thread, my posts would contain also a notice of the times edits were made after the initial posting. However, if no one else has posted to the thread after my post, the time of my edit will not be recorded on the post. (Note: This sentence was added after I posted a comment to this post and no time of edit was added to the original post after the comment.)

Monday 15 April 2013

Unit 20. Use Blogger.

Unit 20. Computer Game Platforms & Technologies

Set up a blogging account on and use it as a way of presenting evidence about hardware & software installation. Include also photo evidence in your blog


Saturday 4 August 2007

First Post

This is a first post.